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I am no longer anodizing, however I am still offering milling, polishing, and custom work on any paintball marker, or anything else for that matter. Racers, hot rod, and motorcycle enthusiasts take note!


I have some brand new Smart Parts™ Impulse bodies, some with stock milling, and some with the upper part of the body un-milled with plenty of room for custom milling. They have all internals machined, are raw aluminum, and are ready for polish and anodize, perfect for a custom build project. I also have a couple of the older style Matrix bodies that are raw, ready for polish and anodize. Lots of other parts too in the clearance page. Email for more info.

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You are at the home of custom milling                         From simple cuts, to full-on 3d contouring, get it here


Custom machining is always available!


Welcome to Tarantula Paintball. Here you will find professional grade products and quality workmanship. Paintball playing is our pleasure, paintball innovation is our life!

If there is something you can't find on this site, or anywhere else for that matter, drop us a line, custom design is always available. We're here to help, and we'll do what we can to make sure your equipment performs at it's best. Remember, touch others with your balls before they touch you with theirs!


Smart Parts certified tech on hand, for Impulse and Shocker help.

ALL products and work proudly done in the USA!

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